Welcome to Busicor 97

Busicor 97 is the only place where you can find the best customised professional training that suites your needs.

To most organisations, the benefits of investing in ongoing staff training are clear. Now is the chance for you to experience such great benefits brought to you by Busicor 97 through its specialised programmes.


The mission of Busicor 97 is to support customers in their efforts to continuously improve the practice of institutional training and development for effective planning, management and operations purposes.

Busicor 97 will be the primary professional institute and resource for professional development for individuals and corporate entities that wish to advance in managing and operating their organizations with efficiency. Recognized for its preeminence, the institute is challenged to collaborate with other associations, governmental agencies, private foundations, and others to create and use valid and reliable information sources and previledges that promote proper management and improve training and development education

•Why wait until the workplace morale affects the over-all self-esteem of the employees at your organisation. Make your workplace a great place of worker synergy and self-esteem. Plan for that special training to ensure that all your employees are motivated and safe at work. Call Busicor 97 for all your training needs. Don't delay! Call TODAY!•

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